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Haemostasis is perceived and by fact is a lifesaving medical intervention.

  Hemostatic products are varied in type and size, but are generally grouped into three categories. The most widely offered gelatin and collagen products with sponge structure. As a rule, their prices are low, but their haemostatic action is limited and unreliable. In the second category are regenerated or oxidized cellulose derivatives, which have a significantly better effect. In general, this category also yields efficiency of fibrillar collagen products and haemostatics with integrated active ingredients-e.g. thrombin.

HEMATRIS Hematrix Active-Patch

HEMATRIS Hematrix Active-Patch

Severe bleedings may be life-threatening; following arterial and venous catheterization, haemostasis lasts for hours; requires trained staff; may cause complications: Hematrix Active-Patch stops bleeding in a few minutes.

Hematrix Active-Patch for immediate and lasting haemostasis of external: in 3-5 minutes; to be applied with severe, even arterial and venous bleedings; effective haemostasis also in anticoagulated patients; clinically proven; directly applicable on bleeding tissue; immediately activates the clotting cascade; no adhesion with the wound; no restriction of the blood flow; less haemorrhages; no secondary bleeding; improved wound healing and wound hygiene; quicker patient mobilisations; ready to use

TAUREON Taurecol Fibrillar

TAUREON Taurecol Fibrillar

Fast and reliable haemostasis with resorbable fibre collagen

Collagen fleece establishes faster and reliable haemostasis and is resorbed faster than the well-known local hemostatic agent; without risk of foreign body reactions, adhesions or fibrosis

Taurecol® consists of 100% pure, natural, long collagen fibres and short collagen fibrils, available as Taurecol® Fibrillar and as the soft, pliable, non-woven Pad.

The bovine collagen type I is extremely well purified, is non-toxic and can be left behind in the body without risk of foreign body reactions,adhesions or fibrosis.

Benefits: Effective, fast haemostasis Sticks to the bleeding surface thanks to the “jungle” of rough fibres

Various sizes, suitable for every situation: Taurecol® Fibrillar for use in cavities and irregular surfaces Taurecol® Pad for use in small or large oozing surfaces

  • Time and cost effective:
  • Ready to use;
  • Competitive pricing
  • Less diffuse blood loss
  • Taurecol® works extremely well in combination with fibrin glue
  • Safe: Taurecol® has an excellent track record of more than 25 years 

Taurecol® use

Fast capillary adhesion and binding of platelets to Taurecol®.    Apply with non-occlusive pressure.   Initiation of the clotting cascade  Formation of stable platelet plug  Hemostasis is realized on average for 4,4, minutes.                                 

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