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F ounded in 2015, Pyrgo Meda is a privately held medical device company focused on advancing technologies in the field of sports medicine and regenerative surgery; hemostasis; neurosurgery; minimal invasive surgeries.
The company management and founders possess more than twenty years of high-level managerial experience in healthcare - pharmaceuticals and medical equipment.
Pyrgo Meda is ISO certified and has a full license for the distribution of medical devices. The company reaches beyond the mass-products segment in pharmaceuticals, focusing on rather niche products, with value added for the healthcare in Bulgaria and the region. The mission of the company is to make the best life-saving and life-sustaining technologies available to the all, even in the most remote regions in Bulgaria and CEE. We aim to contribute to the improvement of the local healthcare environment by bridging the distance between the innovative medical industry and local patients and healthcare professionals.
Pyrgo Meda is a preferred partner for leading US and EU based companies in the field of sports medicine and traumatology; haemostasis, minimal invasive surgery.
Pyrgo Meda has signed agreements with leading public and private hospitals; established relationships with the relevant wholesalers in the country and beyond, working with a broader network of wholesalers in the countries of CEE. The company offers a comprehensive array of services encompassing regulatory approval, market access and rapid penetration to Bulgarian market and other CEE countries, salesforce employment & management, education, customized solutions, customer service, logistics.

Our dedication to innovations in the healthcare:

Innovative technologies create added value not only in the country of origin, but also to the end-user-enhanced life –expectancy and improved life-style; but also establishing of local and regional leaders amongst healthcare professionals all over the world.
It’s a big moment in the healthcare industry for real innovations-they face top down directives requiring enhanced quality of care at lower costs. These supply requirements come at a time when the global demand for healthcare is outstripping economic growth, populations are expanding, and increases in the proportion of older people and the spread of chronic diseases bloat the system.
Few industries stand to gain more from recent innovations in technology than healthcare- еxciting innovations are challenging the status quo across health and medicine in areas like biotech, health IT, mHealth, life sciences, health tech, and more.
nnovation is the driving force behind every great improvement to human wellbeing. The emergence of health startups and accelerators in recent years has created a completely new field of innovation: from preventing ill health and improving diagnosis to, improving treatment and the management of illnesses, these innovations are allowing people to lead healthier lives.

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Our Partners Testimonials

We at Acibadem City Clinic always strive to provide our patients with the most advanced and state of the art therapy.
The hemostatic products supplied by Pyrgo Meda have exceeded our expectations. Pyrgo Meda has supported the use and application of the products with evidence-based guidelines; clinical expertise and ethical promotion. Nowadays the products of Pyrgo Meda represent essential part of our daily work.
We rely on Pygo Meda’s support on a daily basis and we highly value our professional collaboration with the company.

Prof. Dr. Ivo Petrov, MD, PhD
Prof. Dr. Ivo Petrov, MD, PhD
Acibadem City Clinic

Orthopedic and sports medicine supply of high-tech medical devices for early treatment is not a standard exercise. The HCP’s expect from their suppliers and distributors clinical support, regular training, expertise and support when launching new therapy.
All of the above we find in our collaboration with Pyrgo Meda and we have a high esteem of the company’s reliability.

Prof. Dr. Plamen Kinov, MD, PhD
Prof. Dr. Plamen Kinov, MD, PhD
UH "Tsaritsa Yoanna" - ISUL