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TAUREON Taurecol® Pad

Fast and reliable haemostasis with resorbable fibre collagen

Collagen fleece establishes faster and reliable haemostasis and is resorbed faster than the well-known local hemostatic agent; without risk of foreign body reactions, adhesions or fibrosis

Taurecol® consists of 100% pure, natural, long collagen fibres and short collagen fibrils, available as Taurecol® Fibrillar and as the soft, pliable, non-woven Pad.

The bovine collagen type I is extremely well purified, is non-toxic and can be left behind in the body without risk of foreign body reactions, adhesions or fibrosis.

Benefits: Effective, fast haemostasis Sticks to the bleeding surface thanks to the “jungle” of rough fibres

Various sizes, suitable for every situation: Taurecol® Fibrillar for use in cavities and irregular surfaces Taurecol® Pad for use in small or large oozing surfaces

  • Time and cost effective:
  • Ready to use;
  • Competitive pricing
  • Less diffuse blood loss
  • Taurecol® works extremely well in combination with fibrin glue
  • Safe: Taurecol® has an excellent track record of more than 25 years 

Taurecol® use

Fast capillary adhesion and binding of platelets to Taurecol®. Apply with non-occlusive pressure.   Initiation of the clotting cascade  Formation of stable platelet plug  Hemostasis is realized on average for 4,4, minutes.                                 

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