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Lesions of the joint surface larger than 2 cm 2, involving cartilage damage and simultaneous suffering of the sub-chondral bone structure are a severe and very common clinical challenge, frequently diagnosed also in young people. If untreated, they may degenerate into chronic, disabling conditions that can be addressed only by an invasive approach.

To guarantee the successful restoration of a healthy and functional joint, we should go “to the core of the problem”.
MaioRegen® is a new therapeutic concept, inspired by nature and shaped by state-of-the-art Nanotechnologies.
It promotes and guides an effective bone and cartilage regeneration, thus restoring the natural joint physiology.
MaioRegen® is obtained through a unique, patented process, the result of the cooperation between Finceramica® and internationally recognized research centres.

What it is MaioRegen®?

MaioRegen® is a three-dimensional matrix which mimics the entire osteo-cartilaginous tissue: cartilage, tide-mark and sub-chondral bone. It is a monolithic, multi-layer scaffold:
the superficial layer consists of deantigenated type I equine collagen and resembles the cartilaginous tissue,
 while the lower layer consists mostly of magnesium-enriched hydroxyapatite (Mg-HA), and simulates the sub-chondral bone structure.
The intermediate layer, composed of Mg-HA and collagen, reproduces the tide-mark.

How does MaioRegen® work?

 It provides a biomimetic osteochondral scaffold which guides and promotes bone and cartilage tissue restoration by inducing selective differentiation of the body’s own bone marrow or synovial fluid derived progenitor cells into osteocytes, in the sub-chondral layer and chondrocytes in the cartilage layer.The experimental study results show how MaioRegen®, once implanted, is able to integrate with surrounding tissues and guarantee the regeneration of the entire damaged osteo-chondral tissue, with the formation of well-structured bone tissue and hyaline like cartilaginous tissue.
The adhered progenitor cells proliferate, differentiate and synthesize bone and cartilage matrix according to the organic mineral gradient found inside the scaffold. The progressive reabsorption of MaioRegen® and the simultaneous cell mediated remodelling favour the complete regeneration of the osteo-cartilagenous tissue.

When MaioRegen® should be used?

MaioRegen® is indicated in all cases where it is necessary to restore osteo-cartilaginous connective tissue in the joints, in particular in the treatment of:
• osteo-chondral lesions of traumatic, post-traumatic, degenerative origin or due to osteochondritis dissecans;
• III-IV grade lesions (Outerbridge classification);
• focal, single or multiple lesions
MaioRegen® should not be used in patients with advanced osteoarthritic conditions,
immune system disorders, neoplastic diseases, infectious diseases, obesity (BMI > 30) or above 60 years of age.

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