For the first time in Bulgaria, the first-ever surgery for focal / partial / prosthetic knee joint was performed

For the first time in Bulgaria, the first-ever surgery for focal / partial / prosthetic knee joint was performed.
 Intervention has not been done in Eastern Europe until now. Innovative technology helps to fully repair joint defects.

Professor Plamen Kinov, with the support of Jakob Mortensen, medical director for Europe of Arthrosurface®, for the first time in the country carried out partial / focal / prosthetic knee replacement, representing an alternative to the total joint prosthesis.
Ten years ago, Arthrosurface®, USA, first proposed focal implants under the name HemiCAP® and UniCAP®. They are based on the so-called resurfacing and inline technology.
Implants produced by this technology only allow the damaged part of the joint to recover without altering the natural anatomy of joints and joints or limiting movement. With HemiCAP® and UniCAP® implant systems, significantly less bones and tissues are removed (compared to total joint prostheses), with less blood loss, the surgery is shorter, and the recovery is faster with short rehabilitation protocol. The resurfacing technology is based on innovative three-dimensional mapping, so the implant completely covers the size and shape of the defect in accordance with the patient's natural anatomy. After implantation, the patient returns to the active (sports) lifestyle.
The implant is made of cobalt-chromium alloy with titanium - a material that has been proven in general arthroplasty for decades. Such implant systems are available for shoulder, hip joint, knee (including patella), foot-ankle, and metatarsal joints.
 HemiCAP® (UniCAP®) technology has been developed for so-called millennium patients who, due to increased life expectancy, want to stay longer and prefer active lifestyles. Clinical trials of over 35,000 implants worldwide show positive results in all HemiCAP® (UniCAP®) joints (shoulder, hip, knee, foot)
The first patient from Eastern Europe is former football player of Karnobat Municipal Football Club Teodor Todorov. His whole life is on the pitch until he gets serious joint problems a year ago. Strong pains divide him with his favorite sport.
Theodore Todorov: I want to share my story and operation with my coevals because there are many of them in my situation, but this thing can be overcome and we continue to live a normal life.
The operation for the resurfacing of the joints is covered by the health insurance fund.

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We at Acibadem City Clinic always strive to provide our patients with the most advanced and state of the art therapy.
The hemostatic products supplied by Pyrgo Meda have exceeded our expectations. Pyrgo Meda has supported the use and application of the products with evidence-based guidelines; clinical expertise and ethical promotion. Nowadays the products of Pyrgo Meda represent essential part of our daily work.
We rely on Pygo Meda’s support on a daily basis and we highly value our professional collaboration with the company.

Prof. Dr. Ivo Petrov, MD, PhD
Prof. Dr. Ivo Petrov, MD, PhD
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Orthopedic and sports medicine supply of high-tech medical devices for early treatment is not a standard exercise. The HCP’s expect from their suppliers and distributors clinical support, regular training, expertise and support when launching new therapy.
All of the above we find in our collaboration with Pyrgo Meda and we have a high esteem of the company’s reliability.

Prof. Dr. Plamen Kinov, MD, PhD
Prof. Dr. Plamen Kinov, MD, PhD
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